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Andrea Valdiri

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Andrea Valdiri is a Colombian model who plans to live broadcast her upcoming plastic surgery for a fee was rejected by a health board, which determined that the streamed procedure was unethical.

Valdiri, who was more than six million followers on Instagram, was selling tickets for fans interested in watching a live stream of Wednesday’s scheduled operation in Cartagena.


She is 30 years old.

Health Officials Block Model’s Bid to LiveBroadcast Plastic Surgery

The mother-of-two offered $20 tickets for those interested in only watching the surgeon cut her body open. There were also $60 VIP tickets that permitted followers to view every step of the process, from when Valdiri would leave her home until the doctor was done.

She claimed the site administering ticket sales crashed within the first 10 minutes they went on sale as it received more than 500,000 visits.

Valdiri, who never made known what type of surgery she would undergo, was informed by the Territorial District Health Council on Tuesday that she could no longer go forward with her live stream ambition.

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‘What I see is that some ethical principles are contemplated in some of the norms that the Health Ministry has that are being violated … that involve the medical ethics committee … and hospital ethics,’ Dr. César Cárcamo told Colombian newspaper El Universal. ‘Rules are being violated that violate the principle of intimacy, privacy.’

Andrea Valdiri Statement

Valdiri slammed the health board’s decision, questioning its motive.

‘Hypocrite, and that is why this country is the way it is. You’re working, reinventing yourself. Ok, they took the live (streams) away from me,’ she said on an Instagram Stories video. ‘Do you think I will stay on an Instagram page because they took the live (streams)? I reinvent myself and create my website, and I will do my thing.’

Valdiri argued that social media users could share their content on sites like Only Fans without any restrictions.

‘People think that I am going to be naked getting cut up and it’s not like that, there are a lot of people who want to get operated and want to know what an operation is like without covering anything up, without editing, I am going to show you there,’ she added.

‘I have to say things, I am not affecting anyone here, and if someone wants to see the content because they want to get operated, they want to see what an operation is like, they can look at it there. It depends on the crap you have in your head like you want to see that content. I do with my body what I want. I am the owner of this.’

While Valdiri is still going through her operation, she vowed to air it in its entirety the second the doctor concludes the procedure.

‘I will post it on my website the minute the surgery is over,’ she said. ‘Do not worry because it will happen.’

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