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Ana Fantaziu

Ana Fantaziu Wiki – Ana Fantaziu Biography

Police have said that Ana Fantaziu was a young trainee doctor who was shot dead by her fiancé just three weeks after the couple got engaged on a romantic holiday.

Fantaziu’s husband-to-be, 28-year-old Roman Vlasă, had come to meet her parents in Moldova when he shot his fiancée dead before turning the gun on himself.


She was 23 years old.

Trainee Doctor Shot Dead By Fiancé

Fantaziu was a nurse who had enrolled at a medical university to become a physician.

Her husband-to-be, 28-year-old Roman Vlasă, had come to meet her parents in Moldova.
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But the trip ended with him shooting his fiancée dead before turning the gun on himself.

Her father said that there had been an argument involving the family and Vlasă, who was told by Ana’s friends to have a “jealous” nature.

Ana’s father said he fled the house to seek help after his future son-in-law threatened them with a gun.

The father then heard two gunshots, and police found the bodies of the trainee medic and her intended husband at the house in Fundul Galbenei village, Hîncești district.

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The couple had been seeing each other for two years before the engagement.

A shocked friend described their relationship as “beautiful” and said they had recently been on holiday in Romania.

“On the vacation, he asked her to be his bride,” they said.

“At my wedding, she had caught the bouquet.”

The friend was last week invited to their upcoming nuptials.

Friend’s Statement

Ana’s friend Maria Buzu, a nurse, said that while the pair had a “great relationship,” Vlasă had been a jealous boyfriend, something she had discussed with Ana.

She added: “She was an extraordinary young woman – intelligent, bright, beautiful.

“She wanted to be a doctor. She loved her job so much.”

According to reports from newsmakers, the hospital’s management in Chisinau, where Ana was working, sent a message of condolence in a Facebook post.

“With deep regret, the administration of IMSP Municipal Clinical Hospital Holy Trinity announces the premature death of our colleague Ms.
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Fantaziu Ana, a senior nurse in the Emergency Department,” the post read.

“The whole team expresses sincere condolences and feelings of deep compassion to family, relatives, friends, and all those who had the opportunity to know and appreciate her as an extraordinary nurse and bright woman.”

Other friends took to social media to express their grief at Ana’s death.

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