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Amanda Sharp Jefferson

Amanda Sharp Jefferson Wiki – Amanda Sharp Jefferson Biography

Amanda Sharp Jefferson is a Las Vegas woman, who is accused of killing her baby daughters in a bizarre and heartbreaking story of infanticide and possible mental illness.

According to Fox 5 in Las Vegas, the father of the children, came home to find his 1-year-old daughter, Rose, and his 2-month old daughter, Lily, stacked on top of one another in a bassinet. Both children were dead.

He called 911, Fox 5 reported, and “was heard asking Sharp-Jefferson in the background what happened. He told police, ‘she drowned them…I feel like their mom drowned them or something.’”

Rose and Lily’s mom, Amanda Sharp-Jefferson, is charged with two counts of murder, according to The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.


She is 26 years old.


Her husband’s name is Jaykwon Singleton.

Amanda Sharp Jefferson Killed Her 2 Babies

According to the Daily Mail, when Singleton came home from being away for the night visiting his grandmother and another daughter, he asked Sharp-Jefferson why their daughters were stacked on top of each other. She “shushed” him, he said, then made a remark about their “their organs were worth a lot of money,” the arrest report said.

Fox 5 reported, “When asked about comments about the value of the children’s body parts, Sharp-Jefferson said she ‘saw a movie where people made money on body parts after a person died.’”

But Sharp-Jefferson also told police that she lived alone and had no children, saying she didn’t even know Singleton, yet she woke up to find the two deceased babies in her apartment. The Daily Mail reported that the young mother told police someone planted the babies and all of their things, like toys and strollers, in the apartment.

Upon allegedly discovering the two dead babies in her home, she took a shower rather than calling the police. According to the arrest report, Sharp-Jefferson said she did that because she “likes showers.”

Singleton Statement

Singleton and Sharp-Jefferson had been together since 2018, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, who reported the arrest report said that Singleton told police Sharp-Jefferson had recently “started talking about the altar spirit world.”

She also had recently started accusing Singleton of cheating on her with “his spirit wife,” according to Fox 5. Yet Singleton said other than those unusual new utterings about the spiritual world, Sharp-Singleton seemed to be behaving normally.

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Singleton spoke to news station Fox 5 and said Rose and Lily were born 11 months apart. He called Rose his ‘Big Juice’ and Lily his ‘Brown Sugar’, he said.

According to Singleton, when he got home and realized the children were cold and unresponsive he said to Sharp-Jefferson, “What did you do to my daughters…what did you do to my daughters?”

He told Fox 5 he called his grandmother before calling 911, but during the time he was home before police arrived Sharp-Singleton was “super calm, cool, collected about it. Literally putting her clothes on, talking about can we sell the organs and stuff,” he said.

Singleton also said as of a few weeks ago Sharp-Jefferson, “was going through a spiritual, like a spiritual soul type thing where she thought she wasn’t in this reality. She was in a spiritual reality.”

Sharp-Jefferson is Held in Detention Center

Sharp-Jefferson is being held at the Clark County Detention Center according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Court records show she has a bail hearing on November 12.

The causes of death of the two girls are yet to be released.

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