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Amanda Martinez

Amanda Martinez Wiki – Amanda Martinez Biography

According to a viral video, Amanda Martinez has been identified as a woman from Temple, Texas, who is accused of throwing soup in the face of an employee of a Mexican restaurant, Sol de Jalisco.

The video went viral across the country.

Martinez, he’s in custody. According to KWTX-TV, her full name is Amanda Nicole Martinez. According to an online search, he is no longer in prison. According to WGN, he is accused of carrying out the attack, which caused bodily harm.


She is 31 years old.

Accused of throwing soup and arrested

The video shows Martinez talking to the cashier at the cash register. He then removed the lid from the soup, exchanged words, and threw the soup in the cashier’s face before leaving the restaurant.

According to Kcentv.com, the incident occurred on November 7, 2021, at 1:30 p.m., according to which criminal charges are pending.

“We do not tolerate such behavior, and we treat our citizens to the highest standards,” Temple Deputy Chief of Police Alan Teston told the television station. “If a citizen believes he has received a faulty service, we recommend that he remain a civil servant until the issue is resolved.” The television station reported that the woman was kicked out of the restaurant.

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Social media accounts named after him, created through data mining sites, have been removed.


Waitress Janelle Broland turns the story around in a TikTok video.

He said the woman first called, “saying her soup was so hot that she had melted the plastic lid of the soup. She was offering her a refund, trying to get her an alternative meal.” She was doing it. She didn’t want to hear it at all. She just wanted to scream and curse. ”

The waitress claims that the woman said, “Oh no, John, you haven’t heard the behavior yet, and I’ll talk to you any way I want.”

The waitress hung up. The employee said the woman called again, called the waitress a bitch, and demanded to talk to the manager. He stopped her for about 60 seconds and told her he needed a moment.

At that moment, the lady appeared in the restaurant with soup.

“She came to the restaurant. She kept cursing me and telling me that she was not insulting me unless I insulted her. I was not insulting her on the phone. “She never accepted a refund or free food. She didn’t care. She just wanted to complain,” said the employee.

“I said if you don’t go or calm down, I will call the police. He said I had no objection. I told you, madam, I can still help you.” He grabbed the hot petite man and decided to throw me in the face. The spices in our soup impressed me more than anything. I felt as if I had been sprayed with pepper. ”

She says she called the police.