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Amanda Hocking

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Amanda Hocking is a women’s national baseball team manager. She has quit over a ‘sexist’ post on social media, showing a topless female player promoting the sport.

Ms. Hocking, a sports development and coaching student at Plymouth Marjon University, resigned after spotting a tweet from the British Baseball Federation (BBF), which appeared to use a ‘sexualized’ image.


She is 34 years old.

Amanda Hocking Social Media Post

The post, which was also shared on Instagram, was used to promote the new Women’s Baseball League and Women’s Baseball UK – an organization that Ms. Hocking founded in 2017.

The 34-year-old felt the tweet could damage her reputation and that of women’s baseball, so asked for it to be removed. But, at first, the BBF defended the post and kept it on their official page, which has more than 5,000 followers, for 12 hours.

Sports teams across the UK joined Ms. Hocking in asking for the tweet to be removed and called for a response from the BBF.

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Disappointed in the post and the BBF’s initial refusal to remove it, the baseball pioneer decided to step down from her role on the national women’s team as a way of ‘standing up against sexism in sport.


She said: ‘I knew I had to go to the extreme length of resigning to be listened to. I’ve put a lot of work into developing women’s baseball, so I had to stand up for it.

‘It’s a fresh slate now though, it’s been a tough time, but I think women’s baseball in the UK will come out of this stronger and more welcoming.’

As well as being the manager of the UK women’s baseball team, Ms. Hocking has played baseball at an international level and was the first player from the UK to compete on the European women’s baseball team.

Quit From Job

After her complaint about the post and the BBF’s initial refusal to take it down, the president of the BBF and five other board members have resigned. In contrast, the federation has posted a public apology to Ms. Hocking and ‘others that felt offended.’

The apology reads: ‘Following the resignation of Mr. G Perez as President of the BBF on Friday, the Board of the BBF is taking immediate steps to provide continuity in the management of all aspects of baseball as the NGB [national governing body] of the sport in the United Kingdom.

‘In the first instance, the BBF would like to extend its sincerest apology to Amanda Hocking, founder of Women’s Baseball UK, as well as to WB-UK as an entity. We also wish to apologize to others that felt offended.

‘The promotion of the new Women’s Baseball League in a tweet on 25 April included an image of a female baseball player that was inappropriate, and Ms. Hocking felt personally offended and that her professional reputation had been harmed.

‘We apologize for any hurt or harm caused to Ms. Hocking, and the BBF intends to work together with Ms. Hocking, WB-UK, and other members of the baseball community to analyze the structural failures within the BBF that led to this unfortunate incident.’

Confirming her resignation, Ms. Hocking said: ‘Unfortunately, due to recent events, I felt that I had no choice but to resign to have my voice heard.

‘There was an inappropriate tweet, a sexualized image of a female player. I reached out to the person who tweeted it in the BBF and politely told them to take it down. I told them it was inappropriate; they argued that.

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