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Amanda Cooper

Amanda Cooper Wiki – Amanda Cooper Bio

Amanda Cooper is a US national. She was criticized by the celebrity chef in one of his TikTok videos after she shared a clip of the first lookalike cake, which he said looked more like ‘Gerard Butler’.

Gordon Ramsay has mocked an amateur baker’s attempt at making a cake in the shape of his face – months after he called out her first try in a scathing online review.


Her age is unclear.

Amanda Cooper Video

Cooper faced a similar reception the second time around, with Gordon comparing the new bake to a ’90-year-old Guy Fieri’ in the latest TikTok review.

Sharing the latest video on TikTok, Amanda explained she had taken time to improve her technique since the first cake and was hoping for a better response.

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Amanda started her most recent video admitting Gordon’s comments on her first cake hurt her feelings.

‘Ouch. How do you recover from that? Well some time has passed and I’m emotionally, physically and spiritually recovered from Gordon’s sick burn,’ she said.

Gordon Ramsay Criticized

‘It’s the New Year, which means time for new chances right? So Gordon, how about now? I know it’s not perfect but still think I’ve got the wrong Scot?’

However, Gordon was still unimpressed and said: ‘Stop it. That looks like a 90-year-old Guy Fieri.’

It comes after he claimed she baked the wrong Scot with her first attempt, as he likened the finished cake to actor Gerard Butler or his grandfather.

Despite Gordon’s reaction, a stream of comments argued Amanda’s cake does look like him.

One person wrote: ‘Don’t lie, Gordon, it’s so accurate’. Another said: ‘It looks just like you bro’.

A third joked: ‘It really looks like you though. Maybe you a little older but you nonetheless.’

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