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Amadeusz Sekula

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Amadeusz Sekula stabbed his gamer girlfriend to death in a ‘savage, ferocious and frenzied’ rage after eavesdropping on her conversations, hacking her Facebook, and locking her in her flat, has been jailed for life.

Klaudia Soltys was described as ‘always cheerful’ and ‘very sociable’ and someone who was ‘loved by everyone by her devastated mother.

The 30-year-old victim who ‘loved life and was ‘always smiley’ was repeatedly stabbed in the neck by her enraged boyfriend on March 27.


He is 21 years old.

Klaudia Soltys Murder

During internet gaming sessions, he became jealous of her online chats with others, including one man in particular.

Amadeusz Sekula, 21, of Lambert Street, Hull, stabbed defenceless Miss Soltys in the neck repeatedly and left her in a pool of blood.

Sekula habitually monitored what his girlfriend was doing online, eavesdropped on her conversations, and locked her in the flat before losing his temper and stabbing her, Hull Crown Court heard.

He pleaded guilty to murder after admitting the lesser charge of manslaughter earlier.

Jailed For Life

Jason Pitter QC, prosecuting, said that Sekula ‘brutally murdered’ Miss Soltys in a ‘final controlling act in the embers of a dying relationship’ with her.

‘There was never any dispute as to whether he was responsible for the killing,’ said Mr Pitter.

Peter Moulson QC, mitigating, said that the ‘physical suffering’ by the victim before death was ‘limited’ because the knife wounds to the neck would have been ‘immediately life-threatening’ for her.

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‘We hope that the suffering of Miss Soltys was at an absolute minimum,’ said Mr Moulson.

‘There was never any dispute as to whether he was responsible for the killing.

‘The defendant did alert the authorities while there was no evidence whatsoever of this crime.’

Sekula made ‘fulsome admissions’ and ‘confessed’ during the police interview.

‘He wishes to express his sincere apologies to the friends and family of Miss Soltys following his commission of this crime,’ said Mr Moulson.

Sekula had no previous convictions.

He had suffered a disturbing childhood and often intervened when his father attacked his mother. This had led to emotional difficulties, the court was told.

He will spend a minimum of 16 years and 277 days behind bars before he can even be considered for release.