Allyssa Gustafson is a former PEDO teacher, who convicted of sexually abusing a boy, 14, after targeting him at a special education school has been spared jail.

She had also sent her victim pics of herself posing in lingerie and swimwear, a court in Illinois was told.

Cops said that Gustafson, a special needs teacher’s assistant in Champaign, Illinois, abused the teen on at least five occasions, from March to August 2019, reports The News-Gazette.


She is 24 years old.

 Allyssa Gustafson Had Sex With Student

In a shocking move, an Illinois court has spared a 24-year-old teacher who repeatedly had sex with her 14-year-old boy student any jail time, The U.S. Sun reports.

The perverted and pedophilic Champaign, Illinois, teacher’s assistant sexually preyed upon the boy at the special education school where she worked.

Allyssa Gustafson began her predatory campaign by sexting the boy. The victim received photos from his teacher of her posing in lingerie and swimwear, a court in Illinois learned.

Then Gustafson went in for the kill, waging a campaign of abuse that spanned March to August 2019. The Illinois teacher sexually abused the teenage boy at least five times during that time.

When cops investigated the abuse in late 2019 they found messages between Gustafson and her victim on Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.

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Some of those exchanges showed that she was concerned about fellow employees at the academy discovering her perverted actions.

So strong were her fears that she ordered him to get rid of all the evidence.

The Gazette said that her victim’s mom saw photos of Gustafson, and recognized her – as she had been at their house.

However, the boy’s mother had wrongly assumed that she was a high school senior.

 Gustafson Gets Probation

She was sentenced to four years of probation, with the judge also ordering the pervert to go on the sex offender register for life.

He dubbed it “the modern-day equivalent of the scarlet letter”, the Gazette added.

Her victim was sexually abused at his home.

She had been working as an assistant at Circle Academy in Urbana – a school for pupils with behavioral and emotional difficulties – which allowed for access to him.

The pedo’s attorney, Mark Lipton of Champaign, said she had strong family support and would be monitored under probation.

 Gustafson’s Statement

Gustafson told the court: “I made a terrible error in judgment and this has hurt a lot of people.

“I am sorry for the pain I have caused so many people.”

She also apologized to her victim and the boy’s mother, both of whom attended the sentencing.

The teen’s mom had previously said Gustafson deserved a harsher sentence.

“It was numerous times; it was numerous messages; She said it was numerous conversations,” his mother, who did not want her name shared for privacy reasons, told WCIA.

“He also told me that he had videos, text messages, pictures that were sent to him from the teacher,” the mother said, who added that she had seen Gustafson at her home.

“I never thought for once someone would have the audacity and the nerve to walk past me on my way out the door, knowing what her intentions were with my underage son.”

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