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Alfred Bourgeois

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Alfred Bourgeois is scheduled to be executed on December 11 for the 2004 conviction of the brutal murder of his 2-year-old daughter. He will be the 10th federal inmate to be put to death since July, and the second federal inmate to be executed in two days.

Bourgeois only had temporary custody of his 2-and-a-half-year old daughter, “JG”, for a matter of weeks before she was killed. In 2002 he was married and raising two children and had two more children for which he was paying child support when a paternity test proved that the little girl was his, according to FindLaw.


He is 56 years old.

Charges on Alfred Bourgeois

Bourgeois, a former long-haul trucker, took JG, a child borne out of an affair he had with a woman he knew in Texas, home to live with his family for an agreed-upon seven weeks starting in May 2002, after the mother of JG took him to court over his paternity, per FindLaw.

But the little girl would never go back home. According to the website Legal, “Witnesses testified that Bourgeois had wished for JG’s death because he did not want to have to pay child support for her and that he had made plans for disposing of her body.”

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Bourgeois resentment would be lead to him systematically beating and torturing the toddler over the course of the next several weeks, until the abuse culminated in Bourgeois slamming his 2-year-old daughter’s head against the windows and dashboard of his long-haul truck cabin when she tipped over her potty seat in the truck at the Christi Naval Air Station where Bourgeois was dropping off a shipment, according to a court document.

It would be the last time he would hurt her. The brutal attack on the little girl caused a traumatic injury. JG died in the hospital the next day in her mother’s arms on June 27, 2002, according to case files on Find Law. And while Bourgeois told his wife, Robin Bourgeois, and older children to say the baby fell out of the truck, the extensive damage that had been done to the child told a different story.

Girl’s Autopsy Report

The unbelievable horrors inflicted on the little girl in only a matter of weeks were clear to the medical examiner, who testified that the child was chronically abused.


Alfred Bourgeois is scheduled to be the second of five federal executions that the Trump administration is rushing through before Joe Biden takes office in January.

The 56-year-old Louisiana trucker has spent the last 17 years on death row after murdering his two-year-old daughter, JG, in Texas in 2002.

He is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on Friday at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The Department of Justice (DoJ) said Bourgeois “abused, tortured, and beat to death his young daughter.”

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