Who is Alexei Tolstikhin? Wiki, Biography, Age, Killed His Stepfather, Arrested, Police Report

Alexei Tolstikhin

Alexei Tolstikhin Wiki – Alexei Tolstikhin Biography

Alexei Tolstikhin is a Russian schoolboy who has broken down as he confessed the reason he stabbed his step-dad to death,

He fatally stabbed his stepfather, Ghenady Beloborodov, with a knife on January 8.

But prosecutors have decided he acted under duress – and is therefore not criminally responsible for his actions.


He is 14 years old.

Incident Details

According to the news website Lenta, the boy’s mother, Vera Tolstikhina, and her husband, Ghenady, visited friends and had just returned home when Ghenady started to turn violent.

He wanted to continue the fun and asked his wife, Alexei’s mother, to give him a bottle of vodka in the house.

She refused and locked herself in a room with her one-year-old daughter. An irate Ghenady then allegedly broke down the door and started assaulting her.

That’s when the 14-year-old boy came to his mother’s defense.

Grabbing a knife, he stabbed his stepfather several times, and the man died on the spot from his injuries.

“I was sitting on an armchair, on the phone. I heard a row and got up to look,” the boy said.

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“I saw that the door had been broken. [Ghenady] then went in, sat down on the bed, and began to demand a bottle of alcohol from my mother.”

When she refused, the boy said that Ghenady grabbed her by the hair and started to shake her while still holding onto her child violently.

“I was really worried for my mother, and Dasha (his little sister) was very afraid,” Alexei said.

The boy then admitted in tears that he carried out the murder, saying: “Yes, I killed him.”


The schoolboy mentioned that his relationship with his stepfather was initially delicate and that he sometimes even helped him with his homework.

But after he lost his job, Ghenady became aggressive with all the family members.

On July 30, local media announced that the boy would not face a prison sentence.

According to the family’s lawyer, Bair Ilyunov, responsibility for the murder in a state of emotional crisis following mental trauma is only applicable from 16.

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