Who is Alberto Sánchez Gómez? Wiki, Bio, Age, Ate His Mum, Jail For 15 Years, Many More Facts

Alberto Sánchez Gómez

Alberto Sánchez Gómez Wiki – Alberto Sánchez Gómez Bio

Alberto Sánchez Gómez has been sentenced to jail for 15 years and five months for the murder and dismemberment of his mother’s body, parts of which he ate over two weeks.

He murdered his mother before butchering her and eating pieces of her has been jailed.

Gómez was found guilty of killing his María Soledad Gómez, who was in her 60s, before brutally dismembering her.


He is 26 years old.

Incident Details

According to Spanish media, Gómez strangled his mother – who had a restraining order against him when she was killed – after an argument in 2019.

Police found remains of the poor woman scattered around her house, with some discovered in plastic containers.

Police had arrived at the home in eastern Madrid after a friend had become concerned about Maria’s welfare, the BBC reports.

The then-26-year-old also reportedly fed bits of Maria to his pet.

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In May, the Mirror reported how Gomez told police who arrested him that he had been eating his mum “bit by bit” with his dog.

Detectives found parts of her remains in Tupperware containers in their fridge and bones in drawers around the family home.

Her head, hands and heart were found on her bed at the apartment near the Spanish capital’s famous Las Ventas bullring.

Local reports at the time said her body had been cut up into more than 1,000 tiny pieces.

Gómez Jailed For 15 years

Sanchez Gomez, a former waiter, is said he had replied: “Yes, my mother is in here, dead” when police asked after the OAP.

A prosecution indictment submitted to the court ahead of the trial said the cannibal killer used a carpenter’s saw and two kitchen knives to cut up his mum’s body.

Gómez will face an additional five months in jail for the desecration of a body.

He had tried to defend himself, saying he had suffered a psychotic episode when he carried out the gruesome killing, but the court rejected that position.

He will now also have to cough up €60,000 ($73,000, £52,000) in compensation to his brother.

Gómez has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for his brutal murder, which saw him eating parts of his mother’s body for over two weeks.

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