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Alan Wade

Alan Wade Wiki – Alan Wade Bio

Alan Wade is a man who is a death row prisoner. A woman married Wade she met while writing to inmates on death row, has revealed they’ve managed to have a baby together – despite conjugal visits not being permitted at his prison.

Sigrid, 39, who is from France but now lives in Florida, spoke to Truly about the challenges she’s faced since beginning a relationship with Alan Wade.

He was convicted in 2005 of robbery, kidnapping and first-degree murders of Reggie and Carol Sumner, a retired couple living in Jacksonville, who he buried alive.


He is 33 years old.


Alan and Sigrid met after she began writing to prisoners because she’s against the death penalty and has now welcomed a son, although Sigrid has not revealed how she managed to fall pregnant with her husband behind bars at Union Correctional Institution.

Even in states that allow conjugal visits, they are banned on death row.

‘We don’t want to say how my son was conceived. I think it’s important that we can sit and explain to my son how he was conceived before someone else does it for us,’ she said.

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‘I like to respond that he’s in prison but I’m not. It was really hard, but we managed and now we have a son,’ Sigrid said.

Charges on Alan Wade

Alan Wade was convicted alongside Tiffany Ann Cole, Michael James Jackson and Bruce Kent Nixon on July 8, 2005, for robbery, kidnapping and the first-degree murders of a retired couple living in Jacksonville.

The foursome had planned to rob Reggie and Carol Sumner just days before the crime, after Tiffany past on information about the pair that she had gathered while being their neighbour.

In preparation, the group found a place to dig a large hole and purchased materials including rubber gloves, duct tape and a large roll of plastic.

Wade and Nixon gained entrance to Reggie and Carol’s home by asking to use their phone.

They then tied up the victims and began searching for financial documents. Reggie and Carol were then walked to their Mazda car and driven to the large hole, where they were buried alive by Wade and Jackson.


The crime was discovered after the couple’s daughter reported being unable to contact her parents. Investigators found evidence after tracking the group down in a South Carolina hotel and noted that $8,000 from the Sumners’ account had been made payable to Alan Wade.

Since being convicted of his crimes, Alan has tried to motion for a mistrial citing 12 issues including that his trial counsel was ineffective during jury selection and argued against a number of testimonies given.

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