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Alan Jarvis

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Alan Jarvis was a footballer. who played football for Everton and Hull City in the 1960s and the 1970s. He died last year, of pneumonia and dementia in a care home in Mold, Wales. Coroner John Gittins ruled that Alan Jarvis’s death was an industrial disease brought on by playing football.


He was 76 years old.

Alan Jarvis Cause of Death

A retired footballer died of dementia triggered by heading a heavy ball so much during his career, a coroner has ruled.

Jarvis, 76, who played for Everton and Hull City in the 1960s and 70s, died from pneumonia and dementia in a care home in Mold, North Wales last year.

His family said the midfielder was ‘constantly heading the ball’ in games and in training.

They also said he was once knocked unconscious on the pitch and suffered a detached retina.

He had to spend two weeks in hospital after playing for Mansfield Town against Wrexham.

His family was so convinced that his dementia was brought on by football that they donated his brain to researchers at Glasgow University.

The team, lead by Dr. Willie Stewart, has been looking into the link between brain injury and football.

The family claims his death is identical to that of former England and West Brom Jeff Astle, who died aged 59, having suffered degenerative brain disease.


Jarvis, who won three caps for Wales and played against England’s 1966 World Cup team, had to retire aged 30 from a knee injury and then became a quantity surveyor.

He said: ‘On balance, it is my view that his previous occupation contributed to the degeneration of his neurological function.’

He ruled that Jarvis’ death was ’caused by an industrial disease’ and that the circumstances were similar to the ‘Jeff Astle case’.

Mr. Gittins added: ‘I think sadly there may be others in the future.’

However, the coroner said the situation is ‘by no means unequivocal’.

He said: ‘It must be very clear I am not saying playing professional football always causes dementia.’

Speaking outside Rutin Coroner’s Court in North Wales, Jarvis’ family welcomed the coroner’s verdict.

Sarah ( Daughter) Said

His daughter Sarah, 46, said: ‘We are pleased and agree with what the coroner said.

‘My dad was constantly heading the ball in training and in games and the footballs were a lot heavier in those days.

‘He was also knocked unconscious on the pitch once.

‘My dad was such a nice guy and he did not deserve to die such a horrible death.

‘I would say that the FA need to look after the older players as the families suffer massive trauma in these cases.

‘My dad did not deserve to die like that. ‘I love football and so did my dad and I would not change a thing about it.

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