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Adeline Fagan

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Adeline Fagan was a Houston specialist, who passed on Saturday, September 19, in the wake of contracting COVID-19 toward the beginning of July and spending the previous not many weeks in an emergency unit, the family said. Fagan’s family had set up a GoFundMe page in August to fund-raise for her medical clinic bills and her dad affirmed her passing in an update to the page.

He expressed, “Our excellent little girl, sister, companion, doctor, Adeline Marie Fagan, MD died.” He clarified that on Friday night, they were educated by the clinic in Houston that Fagan had endured an “enormous cerebrum drain.” He stated:

The nurse came into her room for a routine task and noticed Adeline was not responsive. They immediately rushed her for a CT scan which showed the extent of the damage. The neurosurgeon said it was a ‘1 in a million’ chance she would even survive the procedure, but that Adeline would have several severe cognitive and sensory limitations if she did survive.


She was 28 years old.


Fagan was in Houston beginning the second year of her residency as an OB-GYN doctor when she contracted COVID-19, her sister Maureen composed on the pledge drive page. She said that Fagan was generally assisting with conveying children yet in addition worked a 12-hour move in the ER treating COVID-19 patients. By the night of July 8, her sister stated, “she started to feel sickly. What began as serious influenza-like indications raised inside the week to a clinic remain.”

Maureen likewise lived and worked in Houston, as a clinical recorder at a specialist’s office and the two sisters shared a condo, Syracuse.com revealed. Once Fagan was hospitalized, her folks traveled to Texas. The GoFundMe page shows that “Since we are from Syracuse, NY, our folks have needed to go to and fro to be there for Adeline and keep on supporting our family. While our Dad’s activity should be possible basically, our Mom’s can’t and hence she can’t work.”

Adeline Fagan’s Died

Fagan combats the infection for quite a long time, with specialists attempting diverse respiratory treatments and different medications, her family said. Since none of these had all the earmarks of being working, her sister shared, Fagan consented to go through a trial drug preliminary. “Before we could check whether this new medication was powerful, her lungs could no longer help her,” Maureen composed. Fagan was intubated on August 3 and put on a ventilator.

The next day, since she was not reacting great to the ventilators, her family stated, Fagan was likewise put on ECMO (extracorporeal layer oxygenation), a machine that siphons and oxygenates the blood to permit the heart and lungs to mend. In her dad’s update after her passing, he shared that drains can happen in COVID-19 patients who are on ECMO: “The specialist said they have seen this sort of occasion in COVID patients that invest energy in ECMO. The vascular framework is additionally undermined by the infection, coming about in drains.”

Adeline Fagan’s Father Statement

Her dad, Brant Fagan, additionally expressed gratitude toward each and every individual who upheld his girl and gave to the pledge drive, which as of late outperformed its objective of $150,000. He stated: “We need to truly thank all who upheld Adeline and us through this troublesome time. You were all there cheering and asking and crying. The quantity of good wishes and caring individuals lowers us. Indeed, even in this haziest of times, there are acceptable individuals ready to share a bit of themselves for another.”

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