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When her parents saw the change in her face while she was sitting at the family dinner, her name was a young girl. Acacia Surridge-Hill Died of cancer.

I September 2020, Acacia a scan revealed a rare tumour in his brain.


She was 6 years old.

Cause of Death

Carly Serge, 32, her stepfather Ben Hardy 26, and her nine-year-old brother, Landon Serge-Hill, died Sunday. November 28.

Carly And Ben According to Stoke-on-TrentLive, Carly and Ben are expecting a baby girl in January, and she was expecting an older sister in just a few weeks.

It was snowing when the frozen fan died, according to his mother, who added that he “I always think about it when it snows.”

While the family was eating together, they realized that something was wrong. Acacia.

After Carly And Ben noticed that one of his eyes was almost closed and his lips were pressed to one side, he had a rare diagnosis of a brain tumour.

Acacia Was appraisal Bells was paralyzed after the paediatrician’s visit, but Carly insisted on a scan, which revealed a brain tumour.

Acacia A protruding midline was diagnosed with glioma H3K27M. After further scans and surgery, an aggressive, incurable cancer underwent severe treatment to limit tumour growth.

According to Irish Mirror, Carly Said, “She was diagnosed in September last year and we were told she could have 12 months to live, but she is more likely to be six to nine months old.”

“Finally, she lived for 15 months after becoming ill for the first time. She was very brave, very strong and very determined.”

“Three weeks ago, she told us she had weeks to live, so we knew she was coming, but we don’t know when she was. She lived in the house with us, and we had her. We didn’t want to be without family and close friends.

“She had lost all mobility and was completely paralyzed. She had a unique support chair called a PPod, like her little bed. She would sit there during the day and in our room at night. I sleep

“In the end, she was very calm and sleepy, which felt very strange because it was always like a slight wind blowing at 100 miles per hour. She had no pain, and she left very calmly.

“She was always a star, shining bright, and she still is. She was cute and very friendly.

“She was a wonderful girl and I’m very proud of her. I can’t be more proud of her.”

Carly described a huge frozen fan who died in the snow outside. She said, “Acacia loved Disney and her favourites were Anna and Elsa Frozen. It was snowing when she left on Sunday, which was perfect. It was meant to be that way.”

She was our Ice Queen, and we will always think of her when it snows.

“She was looking forward to becoming an older sister. We have a little girl and we really feel that she is a gift from Acacia. She will always look down on her.”

“I’m totally devastated, but I’m glad she’s not going through it anymore and she can be free.”

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