Diversity is crucial for a successful workplace. Everyone brings something unique, and a diverse work environment ensures that these talents help the company grow. As such, it’s important to celebrate diversity in the workplace, perhaps through corporate awards that recognize outstanding contributions to inclusivity. You may be conducting a corporate event on the topic and want it to be successful.

To ensure it is, you want to attract many attendees. This is possible if you properly market and promote your event. You can try several strategies to ensure your event is well-promoted and attracts a large audience. We will discuss the best ones today.

Send Out Emails

Email marketing is an excellent way to promote your event and inform attendees of your upcoming event. But you must ensure your emails get opened, read, and engaged instead of sitting in the inbox. This can be done with an attractive title and a well-designed email. These will catch the eye, compel the audience to pause and see, and most likely engage. 

But making these can be tricky, especially for novices at graphics designing. Fortunately, with PosterMyWall and their corporate email templates, you can make emails to send out to your mailing list. These are professionally made templates, so you can be at ease that the quality will be top-notch. Moreover, these templates will save time spent on designing and arranging things on the email. You will get a head start to the email-making process and can tweak, add, remove, and adjust as needed.

This is an excellent example of what you can achieve with a template. The email announces the event up front with an appropriate picture to capture attention. Then, the designer gave information regarding the speakers at the event. Depending on what you have planned, such information would also go here. You can easily pick a template and tweak it according to your requirements. 

Invite Guest Speakers

One of the best ways to promote your corporate diversity event is to call upon guest speakers and trainers for a speech or a session. These personalities will be well-known in the community and have a fan following. This will be a further incentive for people to attend your corporate diversity event. 

Your guest speakers can promote your event when they inform their followers where they will appear and speak. This can be a form of word-of-mouth advertising for your event. The best part is that you won’t even need to spend a penny in this case.

Use Posters

Posters are a tried and true marketing collateral that has been used since time immemorial. As your event draws near, put up posters in different places to advertise your corporate event. The first place to put them up will be your own corporation. But these can also be put up at your partner companies’ places too.

Another great place to put these posters up is the convention center or event hall where your event will occur. You will likely have to clear this beforehand with the organizers, but you can promote your event even when other events occur at the venue. There are often notice boards available at these places so it is worth checking out.

Create An Attractive Event Website Landing Page

Your audience is much more likely to take your event seriously if you can create an event landing page. Many services online allow you to make an event webpage for cheap. You can set one up for your corporate diversity event and link it in promotional posts. However, the important thing to consider here is to make this landing page impressive. 

An attractive landing page captures the audience’s attention and compels them to stay and engage. It gives the impression that you worked hard on it and are serious about your event. If you put that much effort into this landing page, you likely have also put an equal amount of effort into your main event.

Collaborate With Local Partners

Collaborating with local businesses for your event in the same field or close to it is always a good idea. Even if you don’t have options to collaborate within the same field, you can hire some local businesses for various tasks. For example, you may hire a local restaurant to cater for your event. 

Your attendees will need food so a local eatery can partner up for your event. You may even contact the local coffee shop to provide refreshments between sessions. This will benefit both your event and the local establishment. Your event promotes them, and they can put up marketing collateral in their establishments to promote your corporate diversity event. 

Send Out Personalized Invitations

While you will promote your event using different mediums, one of the most effective ways to get your audience to attend is to invite them using personalized invitations. Make customized invitations for your attendees, which will likely be other corporations and professionals. This is best for events with a small attendance base.


Ensure you make a creative copy and use an interactive design for these invitations. Use bold and catchy headlines, and ensure they are easy to read. The more they capture the attention, the better they will be. It will make your attendees feel special, and they will be likely to attend. If your invitations accomplish that, they will successfully bring people to your event. 

Concluding Thoughts

The corporate diversity events you organize and conduct will offer your employees, partners, and clients various opportunities to network and build relationships. However, these may only be useful if you attract them to attend your event. The strategies above will help you get closer to that goal and achieve your expected goals. 

Often it is simple marketing strategies that deliver the most results. The key is to remain consistent with how you follow them. Keep up with them and you will succeed in attracting a large audience for your corporate diversity events.

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